Narendra Jussien                                               

Narendra Jussien is the dean of Télécom Lille since January 1st, 2014.

Alumnus of the Institut de mathématiques appliquées (Angers) since 1994, holding a PhD in Computer Science since 1997 (from Université Rennes-I), holding a French «habilitation à diriger les recherches» since 2003 (from Université de Nantes), Narendra Jussien joined the CS department of Mines de Nantes since 1998.  He has been appointed head of it in 2008.

Narendra Jussien created the French Association of Constraint Programming, his research topic. He remains editor of the «Constraint Programming and Operation Research» collection from ISTE/Wiley.

Moreover, this «absolute fan of Honoré de Balzac and his comédie humaine » created a web site devoted to this author.

Télécom Lille is a public engineering school created in 1990, common subsidiary of Université Lille 1 and Institut Mines-Télécom. Each year 150 engineers graduate from this schoolin the field of information science (networks and telecom).


Pr. Narendra Jussien


Télécom Lille

Cité Scientifique / rue G. Marconi

BP 20145

59653 Villeneuve d’Ascq Cedex


tél: +33 320 335 585

mél: directeur at telecom dash lille dot fr